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Frequently Asked Questions

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To sign up for your first free class, simply click SIGN UP on the left hand side of the website, enter your details in the small registration form and click CREATE MY HEARTCORE ACCOUNT.

How do I book my first free class?

Once you have registered and created your Heartcore account you are ready to book your first free session. To book simply click on CLASSES at the top left hand corner of the website, select studio and class type from the drop down menu and click BOOK to secure your space in the class of your choice. If the class you wish to take is currently showing as fully booked, simply click WAIT LIST. To review or amend your bookings click MY BOOKINGS in the left hand side of the site.

What is the difference between Signature Pilates and Basics Pilates?

Our Signature Pilates classes are mixed level and beginners are welcome to join any Pilates class. However should you prefer a slower paced introduction to the Pilates reformer and the Heartcore Method, you may wish to start with a Basics class.
See schedule for class times

How does the wait list work?

Simply add your name to the wait list by clicking WAIT LIST alongside the class you wish to take and you will be notified via an automated email as soon as a cancelation has been made. You will then need to log into your account to book the class. Please note the wait list runs on a first come, first served basis so remember to log on and book as soon as you receive the wait list email!

Do I need to be fit for the Heartcore workout?

No, everybody can benefit from the workout. Classes are small and all levels of fitness are welcome. Our team's focus is on each person and his or her individual progress in order to achieve maximum benefits.

How often should I come?

We suggest two sessions a week to start with. As fitness and flexibility increase, you can attend more classes. The first session is on us - so come along and see if Heartcore is for you (we're sure it will be!)

What should I wear?

One thing you can be sure of - you will get hot! So we recommend stretch pants or shorts and a t-shirt or sports top. For the spinning classes you'll need aerobic or cycling shoes. And we provide the rest - complimentary towels, luxury shower facilities and drinking water.

My first Heartcore class

We suggest you arrive 15 minutes before your class to allow yourself time to get changed, familiarise yourself with the studio and have a quick chat with your trainer about your fitness levels and how to use the equipment.

Does Heartcore have showers?

We have showers and complimentary towels and shower products in all of our studios.

Can I attend a Heartcore class if I am pregnant?

Firstly, congratulations! If you have been attending Heartcore classes on a regular basis prior to becoming pregnant, you are welcome to participate in regular classes until the end of your 2nd trimester. You are able to continue taking XtendBarre classes through your 3rd trimester, however you will need to take them at least once a week from the beginning of your pregnancy.

To continue training at Heartcore when pregnant, please take a moment to fill out our PRENATAL CONSENT FORM. Once completed, please send the form back to us via email to or bring the completed form into the studio where you train. Additionally please be sure to login to our website and update your profile with your due date. This will allow our instructors to be notified before you attend class that you are pregnant so that exercise modifications can be made for you.

Once you have had your 6-week check with your doctor following the birth of your baby, we'll be delighted to welcome you back to the studio to help you get your body back after delivery.

For clients who are pregnant and new to Heartcore, we do not advise starting Heartcore classes, however we'll be happy to help get you back into shape after you've given birth.

Can Heartcore help with my rehabilitation needs?

Please call us to discuss your specific rehabilitation requirements. If we are unable to help you, we can refer you to a Heartcore approved physio specialist.

Can I train 1-2-1 at Heartcore?

If you are interested in a one-to-one training session, please call us on 020 7435 5078

How can I buy Heartcore sessions?

You can purchase sessions online via your Heartcore account. Simply click BUY SESSIONS when you are in your Heartcore account and fill in the required information. Your sessions will be added to your account automatically as soon as your payment has been authorised. Should you prefer to pay for your sessions over the telephone or via cheque please call us on 020 7435 5078.

How long are my Heartcore class credits valid for?

Your classes are valid for 12 months from date of purchase

What if I need to cancel my session?

Should you need to cancel your session, please be aware that Heartcore operates a 24 hour cancelation policy. Please note, your account will not be re-credited if you should cancel inside the 24 hour period.

What is KettleCore?

KettleCore is a serious hardcore workout for those of you who are regulars of our Heartcore classes and want to raise the bar.

The background: the kettlebell is a cast iron weight that looks a little bit like a cannonball with a handle. Having been used for centuries by Russian strongmen kettlebell training is known as an extremely effective and speedy way to build strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

The results: Using a kettlebell works more muscle groups than almost any other exercise. The full range movement improves hip and shoulder flexibility and core stability, while controlling the swings develops coordination. Kettlebell training also has some pretty impressive cardiovascular benefits. The workout is a whole body movement that is done very quickly in an interval-training format – mixing bursts of high intensity work with low intensity periods of recovery. Lifting and swinging the kettlebell fires up your heart rate and gets your metabolism racing – an intensive session can burn as many calories in 10 minutes as running for 45 minutes on a treadmill!

The drill: In our 55 minute long KettleCore class, cardio-intensive kettlebell drills are interspersed with lengthening and strengthening to give you a true, all over workout. Your legs might turn to jelly, your heart will pound, but it will be worth it!

What should I wear for a KettleCore class?

No need for footwear, just your usual workout clothing - sweat pants and a vest or t-shirt.