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Jess Schuring

Jess Schuring - Founder of Heartcore

Jess’s childhood was spent in Germany - the daughter of an hotelier and a designer, a flair for hospitality and an eye for aesthetics came naturally to her. A flourishing career as a graphic designer in Hamburg was put on hold when Jess’s wanderlust got the better of her, and she set off to explore the world.

A passion for health and wellbeing, and a lifelong love of sun and sand, took her first to the Andalucían coast, then to the shorelines of Australia, and finally, to LA, the mecca of healthy living. Being in LA tipped the balance for Jess, and she decided to make fitness and wellbeing her profession, and relegate her love of design to a lesser, but still vital position in her life.

Jess gained her credentials at the National Personal Training Institute in Santa Monica, where she achieved the highest cumulative marks ever given. Her results-driven approach, and ability to transform people’s bodies meant that she was soon in demand as a personal trainer in Beverly Hills. But she was still looking for more – this time, for her clients rather than herself. She wanted a workout that was fun, effective and functional; that kept people motivated, engaged, and excited about their own wellbeing.

And that’s where Heartcore comes in.

To bring together everything Jess is passionate about, and elevate the level of what has been done before. Fitness that makes sense, and gets results fast. A workout that challenges the entire body and mind. An environment that makes her clients feel wonderful in every way, and where everything, from the classes, to the trainers, to the ambiance, is completely focused on, and dedicated to, the people who walk through her door.