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Jess Schuring

Jess Schuring - Founder of Heartcore

Jess Schuring has been a pioneer of the global boutique fitness craze since its inception. In a decade spent between Los Angeles and London Jess has shaped some of Hollywood's most recognizable bodies while shifting the UK fitness landscape with the roll-out of her hugely popular Heartcore Fitness studios.

Jess' belief in a well rounded life of positivity and wellbeing echoes throughout all eight of her studios. From the "free high fives and smiles" signs printed on walls to the "anything but average" ethos instilled in her team of expert trainers, Jess' passion for fitness and for life and her success in transforming bodies have earned her a famously loyal following.

A trainer at heart, Jess still carves out about ten hours every week to teach classes at Heartcore while spending the balance of her time in 1-1 training sessions, designing and refining Heartcore's custom CoreFormers, reviewing instructors, developing class concepts across Heartcore's Pilates, Barre, HiiT and Yoga disciplines and plotting a course forward for Heartcore's continued expansion.

A quick conversation with Jess makes it clear why Heartcore is more than just a fitness studio to her. It's a way of life. "My passion is people, not just fitness. I believe in you as a person and I want you to be happy in your own skin even more than I want you to be fit.  Starting from that place of caring has been the blueprint for everything we do at Heartcore - from our amazing instructors to the warm, inviting studios to the little touches and treats that make you feel special as a person. After all, you won't remember ten years from now exactly how much you weigh today or what size trousers you wear, but you will remember how you feel about yourself and what brings you joy. I want Heartcore to be one of those things."