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Hometown: Barcelona, Spain

Background: Alberto was born with a love for all things sport and fitness related. He has a background in Karate and Athletics and holds a BSC (HONS) Sports Science degree as well as several Personal Training and Pilates qualifications.  Alberto’s passion for all things related to human movement have lead him to write articles for the European Congress of Sport Science, where he has also held lectures for other trainers.

Alberto loves to help people get the most out of their bodies and achieve results they never thought possible!

Alberto’s fitness tip: Integrate everything into your workout. 

Favourite place in London: I love Regents Park – great for a picnic and a spot of Frisbee on a summer’s day!


Hometown: New York City

Background: Amy was a professional ballet dancer for 15 years, starting in New York with Dance Theatre of Harlem and finishing with Northern Ballet Theatre in Leeds. Amy has a Bachelor's in Fine Arts for Dance Performance and Education and a Bacherlor's in Print and Broadcast Journalism from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, USA. After retraining in Exercise to Music and Gym Instruction, Amy began teaching dance exercise in the fitness industry four years ago and added indoor cycling, total body conditioning, XtendBarre and barefoot cardio programmes to her repertoire.

Amy's fitness tip: Find something physical you enjoy doing and exercise will never feel like hard work.  

Favourite place in London: Brick Lane on a Sunday because of the art, food and the different types of people from all over the world.


Hometown: Donetsk, Ukraine

Background: Ania fused her 2 passions into one career and became a Lifestyle & Fitness trainer in 2007, having graduated from the University of North Carolina with an MA in Exercise Physiology. A particularly interested in muscular imbalances and postural alignment issues which drew Ania to yoga and following a trip to India in 2010, Ania became a certified Astanga yoga instructor.

Ania's fitness tip: When trying to make changes to your lifestyle it’s ok to start small and important you set yourself achievable goals in the beginning. You will find yourself moving towards a healthier and stronger you in no time. Find an activity you enjoy and fitness will never feel like a chor!

Favourite place in London: One of the many things I love about London is the variety.  There’s so much on offer in this amazing city.  I particularly love picnicking in London’s parks, exploring The Southbank and Camden and taking a trip to Greenwich by boat.


Hometown: Bialystok,Poland

Background: Anna studied tourism and recreation at Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. Anna has always had a strong passion for sport and fitness and specialises in kickboxing and Olympic weightlifting.

Anna’s fitness tip:  A strong body comes from a strong mind! Be determined and work hard and you WILL achieve results!

Favourite place in London: Richmond Park - there is no better place to be in London!!


Home town: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Background:  A former Professional Rugby player for the Sri Lanka national team, Anushka has been a sports and athletics fanatic since childhood.  Sports specific conditioning and nutrition are his speciality.  Anushka's energy is infectious and will leave you smiling after a tough love workout. 

Anushka’s fitness tip: Train smarter not just harder.

Favourite place in London:  Greenwich Park for a great workout.


Hometown: Streatham, London

Background:  Charlie has a passion for martial arts and has been involved in the sport since an early age. He loves a physical challenge and is a huge fan of rock climbing and other extreme sports.  Charlie is a recently qualified REPS L3 Personal Trainer. He's young and highly energetic with a warm and friendly demeanour.

Charlie’s fitness tip: Your body is more capable than you think!  So next time you train push yourself that little bit harder. You can do it!

Favourite place in London: London Fields in East London - there's so much going on and it's got a great vibe.


Hometown:  Brighton

Background:  Damien grew up playing basketball from a young age and realised that he was a better athlete than basketball player - so decided to pass on his passion and knowledge of fitness. He has been Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist for 8 years, and a qualified and a practising Kettlebell coach for 4 years.

Damien’s fitness tip:  To create a balanced, lean and healthy body inside and out, don't forget to work your heart!

Favourite place in London: Primrose Hill - it's an amazing place to be on any day, in any weather.


Hometown: Aylesbury, Bucks

Background: Emma became a huge snowboarding fan at the age of 16 and a couple of years later she moved to the French Alps where she lived for 10 years.  Emma entered the world of fitness through rehabilitation of a knee injury, realising the importance of maintaining a strong healthy body in order to do what she loved.  She then moved back to the UK in 2009 where she studied for a Diploma in Exercise and Fitness instructing.  Having completed her Diploma she returned to France for another season of snowboarding and teaching circuit training and outdoor workouts on the beach.

Emma's fitness tip: "Try not.  Do or do not, there is no try."   Basically, if you think you can't do something, train yourself until you can!!  Have fun with it and be proud of your achievements.

Favourite place in London: Anywhere as long as I am on my bicycle! I cycle everywhere in London, it really is the only way to travel and you see the city from a different perspective, having the freedom to explore the canals, back streets and beautiful parks.


Hometown: Tonbridge, Kent

Background: Erika trained at Trinity Laban – receiving a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre and continued her studies at University Limerick, Ireland with MA in Contemporary Dance, whilst completing her Exercise to Music with YMCA. Since graduation in 2010 Erika has performed and taught dance across the UK and has certified as both an XtendBarre and STOTT Pilates teacher.

Erika's fitness tip: Learn to listen to both your body and mind - know when to push yourself harder and when you need to rest. Focus on reaching your own full potential but remember you only have one body, take care of it!

Favourite place in London: Blackheath – especially on Bonfire Night.


Hometown: Basel, Switzerland

Background: Esther graduated from Laine Theatre Arts with a National Dance Diploma (Trinity London) and an I.S.T.D. Dance Teacher Qualification. Whilst working as a dancer she started to build up a second career in the fitness industry teaching Pilates, Dance and Fitness. Esther has 8 years’ experience teaching Pilates to clients of all abilities, and her certifications include Mat Pilates (REPS Level 3), Equipment Pilates (Pilates Education), Pilates for Skiers (APPI), Pre & Post Natal Pilates (The Centre for Women's Fitness), Exercise to Music Level 2 (YMCA), Willpower & Grace and Zumba.

Esther’s fitness tip: It's all about movement and body awareness - move with precision and passion and enjoy how it makes you feel.  Listen to your body, feel your body and look after your body. Embrace a new challenge, stick with it and have fun.

Favourite place in London: I love the diversity in London, every area has a complete different feel to it and there are just too many places I love to pick out one.


Hometown: Kildare, Ireland

Background:  Gillian began teaching Pilates in 2008 following a career change and has since achieved a Level 3 diploma in Pilates and Gym instruction. Gillian is also a qualified Kettlebell and TRX instructor. In addition to this Gillian holds a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy in CNM Dublin.

Gillian's fitness tip: It's never too late to start. Be brave, surprise yourself and remember if it didn't challenge you it won't change you!

Favourite place in London:  Hampstead Heath - it's like a little slice of home!


Hometown: Dubai, UAE

Background: Gok has been in the fitness industry since 2008 practicing a wide range of disciplines, from step aerobics to yoga to personal training. He gets goosebumps from teaching high energy classes and will definitely push you to get the best out of your workout. Apart from being true aficionado of functional training, he takes pride in both his ability to sustain the urdhva dhanurasana for a substantial period of time, and his ever-growing collection of colourful athletic shoes.

Gok's Fitness tip: Weight is just your relationship with gravity. Your mirror image on the other hand is an honest measure.

Favourite place in London: BFI IMAX. The view is simply stunning. And the sound.


Hometown:  Clacton-on-Sea

Background:  Kerry came to Heartcore as a client in 2007 and quickly became a devoted fan and a living advert for the Heartcore method after witnessing a complete transformation in her own body.  Kerry decided to retrain and qualified as a REPs level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer in 2007.  Her other qualifications include a Certification in Nutrition for weight management and physical performance, Boxing for Fitness, TRX suspension training and Keiser indoor cycling.

Kerry’s fitness tip:  Train like an animal - spontaneous lung-busting effort, with rhythm and skill.  Nourish your body with honest eating, enough zzz’s, belly laughs and sunshine.

Favourite place in London:  I enjoy some of the places that Banksy takes me to, as well as the markets in Borough, Columbia Road, Portobello and the golden nugget behind Notting Hill Gate tube.  For some mental escape - Primrose Hill or the Japanese garden in Holland Park.


Hometown:  Romford, Essex

Background:  Kimberley qualified as an Advanced Personal Trainer with Future Fit Training in 2010, and has also completed Studio Cycle and Kettlebell courses with Premier Training International.

Kimberley’s fitness tip:  My mantra is always enjoy the exercise you do and you will achieve so much more. Make every session productive and achieve your maximum potential every time.

Favourite place in London:  I love sitting on the South Bank near Tower Bridge watching the world go by (in the sunshine of course!).


Hometown: Budapest, Hungary

Background: Krisztina has a diverse sporting background of ballet, classical dance, taekwondo, kick-boxing, weight training and crossfit.  She is a fitness fanatic and is always trying out new trends and techniques to challenge her fitness levels and get optimum results for her body. Krisztina is currently studying nutritional therapy to add to her expertise.

Fitness tip: By making even the smallest changes to your diet and fitness routine, you can change your life for the better.  Once you start to see and feel the benefits, you will feel the motivation to keep at it!

Favourite place in London: Camden Town - it's so fun and full of life!


Hometown:  San Francisco, California

Background:  Matt comes to Heartcore as a dancer, choreographer and teacher of yoga and Pilates mat work. He has a degree in dance from California State University and holds a REPs Level 3 yoga qualification. 

Matt’s fitness tip:  Exercise isn't just about building a strong core but strength of mind too. So hold that plank!

Favourite place in London:  Hampstead Heath – especially when enjoying a picnic with friends on a sunny day!


Hometown: Hackney, London

Background: Max became interested in boxing and weightlifting as a teenager and began training himself and other young people at his local youth centre. From there he ventured into many forms of exercise and movement such as Capoeria, Powerlifting, Kettlebells and Gymnastics. Max gained his Level 3 Advanced Personal Training certification in 2010 and has recently begun studying for a degree and masters in Osteopathy.

Max's fitness tip: Train hard, eat clean and have fun!

Favourite place in London: South Bank at night, London lit-up is amazing.


HOMETOWN: Freudenstadt, Germany

BACKGROUND: Milla is a professional dancer with over 10 years teaching experience. She teaches a vast array of styles - classical Ballet, Jazz, contemporary dance, tap and hip-hop to name but a few.  As well as travelling with her dance work, Milla also toured the world as part of a successful girl-band. She teaches everything from Dynamic Pilates and HIIT, to Street dance and Yoga.

MILLA'S FITNESS TIP: Ensure you keep hydrated and don’t be half-hearted in your workouts – give it everything you’ve got!

FAVOURITE PLACE IN LONDON: Nothing beats Chelsea Harbour on a sunny, summer’s day!


Hometown: Orange, NSW Australia

Background: Natalie has a long and extensive background as both a professional dancer and professional cheerleader for the Australian NRL and 20/20 Cricket. Natalie was lucky enough to grow up in the great Australian outdoors and has always had a passion for living a physically active and healthy lifestyle. After school, Natalie graduated from Brent Street Studios in Sydney where she studied Performing Arts and from here continued to follow her love of fitness and wellbeing adding Cert III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training, Pilates Mat and Reformer and XtendBarre qualifications to her belt. Natalie also just recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance with a classical ballet teaching qualification.

Natalie's fitness tip: There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs. - Unknown. I think it rings true in both fitness and life. 

Favourite place in London: Brixton Market - it's the perfect snapshot of how eclectic and vibrant Londoners can be. It's got such an amazing energy, the place is always buzzing!


Hometown:  Camden, London

Background:  Nick trained at Premier International, gaining a qualification in Advanced Personal Training in 2007.  He is also trained in Sports Remedial Massage.

Nick’s fitness tip:  Always focus on stabilising the whole body using as many muscles as possible to get the best results from your training. Make it fun for yourself.

Favourite place in London: Top of Primrose Hill on clear day or night. Breathtaking!


Hometown: Chelsea, London 

Background: An accomplished rower and rugby player at school, sports and fitness has always been a passion of Paddy’s. He graduated from Premier in 2009 and since then has worked as a freelance trainer in and around Chelsea.

Paddy’s fitness tip: A full body dynamic workout elevates metabolism, keeps the heart healthy and saves time - that's efficient and effective training!

Favourite place in London: The roof terrace on top of Shoreditch house - a slice of Ibiza in London.


Hometown: Knebworth, Hertfordshire

Background: Rebecca has always been a keen enthusiast of outdoor sports. She spent several years snowboarding and chasing the winter seasons around the world. On her return to the UK, Rebecca trained to become fitness professional and completed her Level 3 Personal training in 2008.  She teaches a variety of strength and conditioning techniques and is trained in various disciplines including TRX, core strength & stability and spinning.

Rebecca’s fitness tip: It’s really important to push your mind and body outside of your comfort zone. Easy doesn’t get results!

Favourite place in London: Anywhere at dawn when the city hasn't really woken up yet and there is no one around. You see London in a totally different way.


Hometown: Fot, Hungary

Background: Following years of competing professionally in karate, weight training and basketball, Richard trained to become a Personal Trainer in 2010. Richard has had many years of experience teaching Crossfit and has a real passion for strength training.  Richard is continually increasing his expertise through training and self-study.

Richard’s fitness tip:  No matter what sports you do, it’s vital to learn the techniques properly and have the right movement pattern. Once you have these in place there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Favourite place in London: There are so many great parks in London - too many to choose just one!


Hometown:  Canterbury, Kent

Background:  Robbie graduated from St Mary's University College with first Class Honours in BSc Sport Science. He has also played county and semi-professional rugby, regularly trying out new training methods and styles to discover alternative modern training techniques.

Robbie's fitness tip: Exercise should be mentally challenging as well as physically challenging, and most of all it should be fun.

Favourite place in London:  Camden, there is never a dull moment.


Hometown: Black Forest,Germany

Background:  Roberto competed at a very high level in tennis and hockey, and his passion for sports drove him to make physical conditioning his career. He has worked as a personal trainer in some of London’s most exclusive clubs over the past 10 years, helping his clients reach their full potential. He has a strong interest in martial arts, as well as strength and conditioning, which has led him to obtain certifications as a Crossfit and Kettlebell coach.

Roberto’s fitness tip: Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and, Be At Your Best!

Favourite place in London:  Richmond Park, especially on a Sunday. Great for a good workout before a nice big Sunday roast!


Hometown:  Sydney, Australia

Background:  In 1993, Simonne completed the ACHPER (Australian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation) Fitness leader programme and in 2011 gained her Premier Level 3 Personal Training Diploma from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Simonne's Fitness Tip:  To maximize fitness results: OUTPUT= mix up your training with cardio vascular and resistance training and go for it in your workouts!  INPUT= eat lots of raw fruit and vegetables (preferably organic) + drink lots of water.

Favourite Place in London: Hampstead Heath -every time I go there I feel that I am catapulted out of busy London and into a leafy, historical, luscious park.