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Hometown: New York City

Background: Amy was a professional ballet dancer for 15 years, starting in New York with Dance Theatre of Harlem and finishing with Northern Ballet Theatre in Leeds. Amy has a Bachelor's in Fine Arts for Dance Performance and Education and a Bacherlor's in Print and Broadcast Journalism from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, USA. After retraining in Exercise to Music and Gym Instruction, Amy began teaching dance exercise in the fitness industry four years ago and added indoor cycling, total body conditioning, XtendBarre and barefoot cardio programmes to her repertoire.

Amy's fitness tip: Find something physical you enjoy doing and exercise will never feel like hard work.  

Favourite place in London: Brick Lane on a Sunday because of the art, food and the different types of people from all over the world.


Hometown: Porto, Portugal.

Background: Ana completed a B.A Hons. in Dance Theatre Performance at the University of the Arts of London having worked as a professional contemporary dancer since. Her love for movement and fitness led her to join the Heartcore Team, teaching both Pilates and Heartcore Barre classes.
Favourite place in London: South Bank in the evening, beautiful views and plenty to do.
Favourite move: Skater. Always feel it's working its magic! 



Home town: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Background:  A former Professional Rugby player for the Sri Lanka national team, Anushka has been a sports and athletics fanatic since childhood.  Sports specific conditioning and nutrition are his speciality.  Anushka's energy is infectious and will leave you smiling after a tough love workout. 

Anushka’s fitness tip: Train smarter not just harder.

Favourite place in London:  Greenwich Park for a great workout.

Favourite move: Scrambled egg


Hometown: Budapest Hungary.

Background: Having taken part in various sporting activities since childhood Beni found his true passion in speed skating where he competed and became a member of his national team for 8 years. After completing his University studies Beni's new passion was for a career as a Fitness Professional and he undertook a number of fitness courses on the way to becoming a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Three years later Beni became a European Bodybuilding Champion, Fitness Model Category.  He has been working as a fitness professional since 2009 helping many to achieve their respective fitness goals.

Beni's fitness Tip: Fitness is not about being better than someone else, its about being better than you used to be.

Favourite place in London: Hyde Park is the best place to do run, roller-skate in the summer and ice-skate in the winter. I spend a lot free time there.

Favourite move: Dynamax Speedskater because its reminds me of my speed skating days and is super challenging.


Hometown: Dundrum, Co. Down

Background: Declan is a level 3 qualified personal trainer with a passion for sport and fitness. Declan loves competitive sports, and played Gaelic Football for his Parish and Schools while growing up back in his native Ireland. He is also graduate of the prestigious London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art, where he studied acting, and in doing so gained further knowledge of the body as an instrument. 

Favourite Place in London: Along the South Bank. It has so many interesting places, like the National Theatre, the BFI and Royal Festival Hall. There's always something happening. I also love the view from the nearby Embankment Footbridge.

Favourite move: Teaser. Zero springs. I love blasting those obliques!


Hometown: Latina a lovely city on the Italian west coast

Background: Having over 20 years of experience as a professional dancer Gennaro performed in many ballet, contemporary and aerial-dance productions with national and international theatres. Gennaro started working in the Health and Fitness industry as a Pilates teacher in 2011. 
As a Heartcore barre instructor Gennaro loves teaching people how to be in tune with their bodies in order to build stamina and strength and to sculpt and lengthen their muscles.

Gennaro's fitness tip: Have fun and work hard to keep you body young forever.

Favourite place in London: Southbank.

Favoutite move: Reverse Flat Back Chair, you can really challenge yourself.


Hometown: London

Background: George has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.  With a BSc in Sports Science and Biology, George has worked as a senior fitness coach at Crystal Palace Football Club alongside Terry Venables. More recently George has followed his passion for the slopes, and become a BASI ski instructor in Zermatt, Switzerland.

George's fitness tip: ''If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got!'' Albert Einstein .....Doing the same thing and expecting a different result or outcome is maddess.

Favourite place in London: Albert bridge London, late at night when its all lit up! Just magiacal!

Georgia L...

Hometown: Epsom Surrey

Background: Georgia was trained in Performing Arts from a young age performing in Londons West end. Always incorporating fitness into her life wether it was horse riding, kick boxing or just at the gym she always had a passion for staying fit! Georgia started teaching dance from the age of 16 at a Theatre school in London and loved being able to help people understand there bodies and how to help them improve to be the best they could be. Georgia was attending Heartcore workout for a few years and fell in love with the workouts and teachers and decided that she would make that her next venture to teach TRX. Georgia is passionate about helping people learn more about there bodies and making them feel stronger, healthier and a happier!

Favourite place in London: Notting hill as its full of yummy brunch places ! Just the best.

Favourite move: Pike- as it's such a great move for the core and is used in TRX and Pilates.


Hometown: Kildare, Ireland

Background:  Gillian began teaching Pilates in 2008 following a career change and has since achieved a Level 3 diploma in Pilates and Gym instruction. Gillian is also a qualified Kettlebell and TRX instructor. In addition to this Gillian holds a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy in CNM Dublin.

Gillian's fitness tip: It's never too late to start. Be brave, surprise yourself and remember if it didn't challenge you it won't change you!

Favourite move: Bungee kicks, can't beat the natural butt lift!

Favourite place in London:  Hampstead Heath - it's like a little slice of home!


Hometown: Dubai, UAE

Background: Gok has been in the fitness industry since 2008 working in different training modalities, from step aerobics to yoga to personal training. He gets goosebumps from teaching high energy classes and will definitely push you to get the best out of your workout. Apart from being true aficionado of functional training, he takes pride in both his ability to sustain the urdhva dhanurasana for a substantial period of time, and his ever-growing collection of colourful athletic shoes.

Gok's Fitness tip: Weight is just your relationship with gravity. Your mirror image on the other hand is an honest measure.

Favourite place in London: BFI IMAX. The view is simply stunning. And the sound.


Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

Background: Growing up in a dance studio in Brazil, she discovered her passion for music and dance. She continued developing her skills for 15 years focusing mainly on classical ballet and contemporary dance. Her growing interest for dance and body movement motivated her to pursue a degree in Physiotherapy in Brazil, allowing her to fully understand the physiological movements. After moving to London she decided to combine her background in physiotherapy and dance to become a Barre instructor, which allows her to leverage her passion for fitness.

Favourite place in London: Regent's Park, beautiful place for outdoor workouts.

Favourite move: Flat back chair, I love the way it elongates and strengthens the thighs and upper body, such a good burn!


Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Background: Ivi has two undergraduates degrees from King's College London in Mathematics & Philosophy as well as Mechanical Engineering. Trained in Classical Ballet for twelve years, Ivi swapped pointe shoes for weightlifting and CrossFit, throwing barbells around in dirty garages! With her lifelong passion for all things fitness, Ivi decided to leave a career in the City behind, and now teaches the TRXcore classes at Heartcore. With her experiences in Ballet and weightlifting, Ivi has a keen interest in movement, strength and conditioning and she is a stickler for form and techniques. Ivi is a real supporter of the Strong Not Skinny movement, and will challenge you in her classes to get you into the shape you want, keeping your body strong and healthy! 

Favourite place in London: Soho, London - there're so many yummy restaurants in Soho! And, Borough Market is a must for quality meat from Ginger Pig and the best doughnuts in all of London from Bread Ahead. 

Favourite move: Burpees! It's the ultimate Fat Incinerator. A simple move that jacks your heart rate up, burns calories, builds strength, speed and flexibility. If you can't make it to a workout, just do 100 burpees wherever you are! 


Hometown: Perth, Australia 

Background: Whilst working as an Architect in Australia I would spend my lunch breaks and early mornings on the reformer, igniting my passion for the body and how it moved. I started a health and fitness blog and began transforming and educating myself and those around me as a little side project.  
When I moved to London I came across Heartcore, did a class with Nick in Hampstead and absolutely loved it. I asked him after if this was his actual job and how I could be just like him. I decided to put Architecture to the side to follow my passion for Pilates and fitness. I signed up to my level 2 fitness qualification that day and soon after joined the Heartcore team. 
Katie's fitness tip: Never compete with anyone but yourself. You are way too beautiful for that!! 

Favourite place in London: A Heartcore studio of course. And Ginger and White cafe in Hampstead/Belsize park. Always food! 
Favourite move: Can I say long spine? Ok no definitely the mermaid. Who doesn't love an oblique burn, followed by that insane falling on the floor stretch. 


Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany

Background: My passion for sports and fitness started with a career as a professional rhythm gymnast as part of the German national team which then led to becoming a contemporary dancer in London after having completed my BA. Hons. in Theatre Dance at UAL as well as a Professional Development Postgraduate Certificate. Teaching barre has offered me an opportunity to combine my love for movement, a fundamental understanding of the body and being in an environment where people share the same mentality.

Favorite Place: South Bank

Favorite move: Thigh Dancing. Super intense strengthening and stretching sensation.


Hometown: Budapest, Hungary

Background: Krisztina has a diverse sporting background of ballet, classical dance, taekwondo, kick-boxing, weight training and crossfit.  She is a fitness fanatic and is always trying out new trends and techniques to challenge her fitness levels and get optimum results for her body. Krisztina is currently studying nutritional therapy to add to her expertise.

Fitness tip: By making even the smallest changes to your diet and fitness routine, you can change your life for the better.  Once you start to see and feel the benefits, you will feel the motivation to keep at it!

Favourite place in London: Camden Town - it's so fun and full of life!

Favourite move: Side lying scrambled egg


Hometown:  San Francisco, California

Background:  Matt comes to Heartcore as a dancer, choreographer and teacher of yoga and Pilates mat work. He has a degree in dance from California State University and holds a REPs Level 3 yoga qualification. 

Matt’s fitness tip:  Exercise isn't just about building a strong core but strength of mind too. So hold that plank!

Favourite place in London:  Hampstead Heath – especially when enjoying a picnic with friends on a sunny day!


Hometown: Hackney, London

Background: Max became interested in boxing and weightlifting as a teenager and began training himself and other young people at his local youth centre. From there he ventured into many forms of exercise and movement such as Capoeria, Powerlifting, Kettlebells and Gymnastics. Max gained his Level 3 Advanced Personal Training certification in 2010 and has recently begun studying for a degree and masters in Osteopathy.

Max's fitness tip: Train hard, eat clean and have fun!

Favourite place in London: South Bank at night, London lit-up is amazing.


Hometown: Los Angeles CA USA

Background: Devoted fan of the work out for six years. Trained last year and started teaching SPX in LA. Originally a criminal defense attorney. 

Favourite place in London: Borough Market-I'm a huge foodie and it's like heaven!

Favourite move: Chop down


Hometown: Crowborough, East Sussex

Background: trained in musical theatre and acting, as well as performing being a huge passion for me, sports has always been part of my life as well, one that I couldn't live without! As a child I ran on numerous occasions running cross country for the country and swam back stroke in the yearly swimming gala, winning two years in a row, trampolining was one of the first sports I used to do as a child.

I was always drawn to the world of fitness and can remember watching my mums calanesthetics videos as a young teenager.

Having pondered what discipline to teach for a while, I finally decided to do my PT qualification in early 2015, and when I came to Heartcore as a client I just knew barre was the right thing for me!

It combines everything I'm passionate about teaching to others, and I feel that it's a universal form of exercise that everyone can see the benefits of in a short space of time. 

Currently I'm working towards a black belt in kickboxing.

Favourite place in London: I have a few favourites but Hampstead Heath is up there at the top!

Favourite move: Side lying glutes


Hometown:  Camden, London

Background:  Nick trained at Premier International, gaining a qualification in Advanced Personal Training in 2007.  He is also trained in Sports Remedial Massage.

Nick’s fitness tip:  Always focus on stabilising the whole body using as many muscles as possible to get the best results from your training. Make it fun for yourself.

Favourite place in London: Top of Primrose Hill on clear day or night. Breathtaking!


Hometown: Palermo, Italy


Background: Pietro has always been passionate about endurance sport and “body movement”. He has many years of experience as a master swimmer and Triathlon participant. He is a Personal trainer and has gained the Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral and Nutrition for Physical activity, as well as the Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Low Back Pain Management. He is currently finishing up his qualification in Pilates with “Polestar Pilates”.

Fitness tip: Explore the elegance of your body. No matter who you are, your age, your background.  There is always space to improve and discover something new in your body as well as in your mind.  Keep moving forward and have fun!


Favourite place in London: Little Venice near Paddington. I enjoy a stroll along the pretty streets in  that area, or a relaxing boat trip.


Favourite move: Pike! Its challenging and will imporove core and shoulder strength as well as hamstring flexibility. Go for it!




Hometown: Castellon de la Plana, Spain.

Background: Raul has loved sport since he was a child, coming from a family of athletes and trainers. He has a passion for martial arts and studied Taekwondo, Jiu jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, and MMA before realising that one too many knockouts really wasn't healthy! Having previously taught self defense and high intensity interval workouts, you can guarantee Raul knows how to motivate you to be your best through your class. He's currently finishing up his L.3 Personal Trainer qualification and plans to continue his studies with a nutrition course.

Raul's Fitness tip: Failure is not an option, overtraining is a myth and never say 'I can't' before you try. You don't know how far you can go. It doesn't matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you get up.

Favorite place in London: There are so many great places in London, choosing just one is hard 'cause everything is amazing!  Camden town during the day, Brixton at night and any place I can enjoy with my friends.

Favourite move: Childs pose


Hometown: Knebworth, Hertfordshire

Background: Rebecca has always been a keen enthusiast of outdoor sports. She spent several years snowboarding and chasing the winter seasons around the world. On her return to the UK, Rebecca trained to become fitness professional and completed her Level 3 Personal training in 2008.  She teaches a variety of strength and conditioning techniques and is trained in various disciplines including TRX, core strength & stability and spinning.

Rebecca’s fitness tip: It’s really important to push your mind and body outside of your comfort zone. Easy doesn’t get results!

Favourite place in London: Anywhere at dawn when the city hasn't really woken up yet and there is no one around. You see London in a totally different way.


Hometown: Fot, Hungary

Background: Following years of competing professionally in karate, weight training and basketball, Richard trained to become a Personal Trainer in 2010. Richard has had many years of experience teaching Crossfit and has a real passion for strength training.  Richard is continually increasing his expertise through training and self-study.

Richard’s fitness tip:  No matter what sports you do, it’s vital to learn the techniques properly and have the right movement pattern. Once you have these in place there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Favourite place in London: There are so many great parks in London - too many to choose just one!


Hometown: South Africa 


Hometown:  Canterbury, Kent

Background:  Robbie graduated from St Mary's University College with first Class Honours in BSc Sport Science. He has also played county and semi-professional rugby, regularly trying out new training methods and styles to discover alternative modern training techniques.

Robbie's fitness tip: Exercise should be mentally challenging as well as physically challenging, and most of all it should be fun.

Favourite place in London:  Camden, there is never a dull moment.


Hometown: Black Forest,Germany

Background:  Roberto competed at a very high level in tennis and hockey, and his passion for sports drove him to make physical conditioning his career. He has worked as a personal trainer in some of London’s most exclusive clubs over the past 10 years, helping his clients reach their full potential. He has a strong interest in martial arts, as well as strength and conditioning, which has led him to obtain certifications as a Crossfit and Kettlebell coach.

Roberto’s fitness tip: Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and, Be At Your Best!

Favourite place in London:  Richmond Park, especially on a Sunday. Great for a good workout before a nice big Sunday roast!



Hometown: Garça - Brazil

Background: Having spent a life time involved in fitness, after graduating in Biomedical Sciences in 2005 and working for two and a half years with biochemical analysis, Rodrigo's love for exercise and movement lead him to take a wild turn to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Currently holding a Sport Science BSc degree and several qualifications in Exercise to Music and other disciplines, Rodrigo is absolutely passionate about technique and form.

Fitness Tip: Fitness is just about developing a strong mind than it is about developing a strong body. Sometimes, learning to overcome those mental barriers may handle more results than a new technique or a new fad in fitness ever could. 

Favourite place in London: Anywhere outside when it's sunny. There is something almost magical about London when it is warm and sunny. It feels like another city when people are laughing and wearing their colourful summer clothes. Spending a day chilling on the grass in one of the parks soaking up the sunlight and laughing with some friends is just priceless. 

Favourite move: There are so many I can't chose just one! Love me some Teasers (forget about the bar, let's do it on the platform!) to shape and chisel the obliques and a Chop Down to make me feel like my core is most definitely getting stronger. 


Hometown: Fort William (Scotland)

Background: Dancer (ballet and contemporary). Mat Pilates and barre instructor

Favourite place in London: I studied near Richmond and spent 3 amazing years around there so that will always be a special place to me however Hampstead Heath is my escape from busy London life, frosty or sunny, for picnics, walks or even swimming it's beautiful!

Sarah B...

Hometown: Toronto, Canada 

Background: Sarah has had an obsession with exercise for as long as she can remember. She ran her first marathon at the age of 16 and continues to make fitness one of her top priorities. Sarah obtained her Master's in Sport and Performance Psychology before entering the corporate world. Quickly realising desk life wasn't for her, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for fitness and qualified as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. 

Favourite place in London: Hampstead Heath, there are endless paths to explore and everytime I'm there I end up somewhere different.

Favourite move: Scrambled egg. Impossible not to feel the glute and core burn the next day. 

Sofia M...


Hometown: Hillingdon, Uxbridge

Background:My love for dance and fitness started as a child where I performed in and outside of school and at London theatres. There was nothing else I considered doing, so I took a dance a level Which led to university, after experiencing the first year in my dance degree, I realised I could use dance and movement in a different way. So I left to persue a career in fitness and got a exercise to music qualification and from then on it was non stop, from teaching in and around London to gaining my Zumba and personal training qualifications and using these in a variety of fitness centres as well as most recently gaining experience in all aspects of a gym from being assistant manager and front of house manager, it was then that I knew that my passion lay with teaching and that's when I found heartcore. 

Favourite place: Regents looks good any time of year and great place to sit and have picnics!

Favorite move: Mermaid.. Oh and Pike! 


Hometown: KL, Malaysia.

Background: Tim has a previous degree in Biomedical Science from UCL before training and freelancing as a contemporary dancer in London for 6 years. He teaches Heartcore Barre and is also a Yoga teacher.

Favourite Place: Southbank. It's convenient and there's always something to see or do throughout the year!

Favourite move: Water Ski Dancing. Our new signature move that works ur thighs, glutes, abs, back and arms simultaneously.


Hometown: London
Background: Tom has played sport all his life and started football almost as soon as he could walk. As he got older, attending yoga and meditation classes (with his mum!) got him interested in all the physical and emotional benefits of sport and fitness. Tom has been a personal trainer in Kensington for 5 years, training a wide range of clients and has taught for Heartcore since 2013. 
Favourite place: Hampstead Heath. Great walks all year round and amazing view of London from kite hill.
Favourite move: Pike. I love the fluid movement of a pike and the feeling of engaging so many muscles.


Hometown: Radom, Poland

Background:Wojtek is a ballet dancer and trained at the National Ballet School in Warsaw, Poland. In 2009 Wojtek gained his BSC in Physiotherapy and 2 years later FIE Level 3 in Personal Training.

Fitness tip: Strive for progress not perfection and clear your mind of can't.


Hometown: Budapest , Hungary

Background: Zsofi has been working as a Fitness Professional since 2001. She started to take aerobic classes when she was 16 years old, and it was love at "first step". While participating in classes Zsofi dreamed of being the instructor and few years later after graduation it became a reality. More than just a job it is her passion. Zsofi along with her fitness certificates has achieved a BSc and MSc in sport science, is a former fitness tutor at the Leader Fitness school of Hungry and fitness presenter at large fitness conventions & events both in Hungry and London.

Favourite Place: London itself, when I first visited London in 2006, I had deceided to move here. And here I am. I love the buzzing life of London, love that there are so many different cultures and people from all around the word. It is never gets boring to be here.

Favourite move: If I have to highlight one, it would be the Marmaid, I love that burning sensation through my obliques. It definitly makes your waistline strong and sexy!