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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dynamic Pilates

Heartcore's CoreFormer class packs core-focused functional training in a highly effective, high-energy class format to provide a full body workout in the shortest possible timeframe. Our custom made machines have been specifically designed to deliver optimal results by maximizing potential exercise combinations and minimizing downtime. The result is a dynamic and intense 55-minute workout that burns calories rapidly and allows you to sculpt your physique in ways that traditional exercise simply can not match. All levels welcome.


A fun, challenging and energising full-body workout, Ride2Tone is our unique blend of endorphin-boosting indoor cycling and toning bodyweight moves. Start with a 30 minute cardio ride on our state-of-the-art bikes, followed by 30 minutes of mobility and toning exercises designed to improve functional strength, balance, all-round athleticism and mental wellbeing. A mind + body boost that will leave you on a natural high for hours. 


Uplifting. Revitalising. Inclusive. Accessible. We’ve found the best instructors to make each of these features a staple of every class. Whether you join us for our energising and strengthening Power Yoga, or to lengthen the body and nurture the mind through Yin Yoga, your practice will celebrate the connection with yourself, one another and the world around you.


Simultaneously a personal and social experience, Heartcore Ride will encourage you to push your boundaries and connect with your best self while sharing in the energy and the effort of the group. Cycle mindfully and immerse yourself in the music while our cracking team of instructors inspire you to challenge your body and expand your imagination. 


If you’re aiming for Black Swan beauty over Bootcamp buff, Heartcore Barre offers a perfect mix of stretching and toning to help you sculpt the ballet body you’re after. Targeted toning sequences of isolated micro-movements mix with playlists that are more Uptown Funk than Swan Lake in these up-tempo workouts that deliver immediate results. Great for targeting longer, leaner limbs, a zipped-in waistline and a lifted curvy bum.


Our 45 minute class is the ultimate workout for those of you who want to experience the same lengthening, sculpting and toning effects of our signature 55 min Heartcore Barre class but in a more time-efficient format. Using a specialized shorter sequence of micro-movements utilising body weight, low resistance and high repetitions you’ll receive a full-body workout in an energizing 45 minutes. This is a much more intense class so be ready to sweat! Please do not book this class unless you have taken at least three 55 min Heartcore barre class and/or if you're currently injured or pre/post natal.


A type of HIIT which incorporates suspension training leveraging your own body weight and gravity to improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance simultaneously. In every exercise your entire core will be activated as a stabilizer. This class burns fat & gets results. This class is challenging, but all levels are welcome. Don't forget to bring your indoor trainers and a water bottle.


Ready to take it to the next level? If so, then FiTRX is for you. Using a unique combination of TRX-based strength training and heart rate monitored HIIT intervals, this exhilarating yet challenging class is guaranteed to make you work to the max. With custom heart monitors you’ll be able to see your heart rate and calorie burn projected onto the wall so you can track your performance and make sure you’re working in the optimal performance zones. This 55-minute class has been specifically designed to maximize fat burn whilst preserving lean muscle and building strength. Expect to sweat, expect to feel the burn and expect serious results. Not for the faint hearted, this addictive class will keep you coming back for more.


KettleCore classes are great if you are ready to take your exercise regime to the next level. KettleCore classes are just like Heartcore pilates classes exercises but we added kettle bell intervals for the extra cardio boost and fat burn. For the kettle bell novice we suggest to book one private session to properly learn the technique. Intermediate level. Please do not book a KettleCore class unless you have taken at least 5 Heartcore Pilates class. 


Any of the classes above can be used to complement your existing gym or cardio training. Numerous professional athletes across a wide range of sports have added our workouts to their training in order to enhance their conditioning and improve athletic performance.

Private training – on your own or with friends

Do you prefer a more personalized training approach that is uniquely tailored to your specific needs and goals? Or are you looking for a complimentary challenge to our existing class offerings? All of Heartcore's instructors come from various sport specific backgrounds with extensive knowledge in rehabilitation of injuries, yoga, pre/post natal, dance, traditional pilates or athletic conditioning (just to name a few) and are looking forward to training you. Give us a ring on 0207 435 5078 to discuss your fitness and wellbeing goals.