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Founded over 12 years ago, we’re the proud creators of London’s fitness and wellness scene, with one simple goal: to touch lives. 

That spirit of care has formed the powerful blueprint for everything we do at Heartcore. With an amazing team of compassionate and magical people, finely designed and effective training methods, and truly iconic studios; Heartcore is home to a genuinely positive, energised and welcoming soul-to-soul culture.

“ … After all, you won’t remember ten years from now exactly how much you weighed or what size trousers you wore, but you will remember how you feel about yourself, what brings you joy, and gives you confidence and strength. We want Heartcore to be one of those things in your life.”

Jess x


With more than a decade spent between Los Angeles and London, Jess has worked with numerous people on both continents whilst shaping the UK fitness landscape with the roll-out of her hugely popular studios. “Heartcore is powered with heart and the intention to make people fall in love with themselves through an honest and caring approach to fitness.” Jess’s belief in a well-rounded life of positivity and wellbeing echoes throughout all ten of her studios. From the ‘free high fives and smiles’ signs printed on the walls to the ‘anything but average’ ethos instilled in her team of expert trainers.

Her passion and success in transforming people’s lives have earned Jess a famously loyal following. “In this non-stop moving and hectic world, we all need that positive and safe space where we can stop for a moment, check in and connect with ourselves on a regular basis, find strength and confidence, be inspired and motivated, and create room for new thoughts whilst unlocking the physical and emotional ‘stuff’ we all get stuck in. That’s what Heartcore is here for – supporting you on your journey to truly feel well and be well.”

12 years on, Jess’s passion continues to shine in everything she does. Creating a loyal and global following around Heartcore’s Dynamic Pilates method, her own product design in the Pilates equipment, and guiding an incredible team in helping tens of thousands of people to feel strong from the inside out. Jess’s commitment to inspire as many people as possible through Heartcore continues whilst exploring opportunities to spread the Heartcore Love further.