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Sales & Account Manager | PT & Wellness

Love people as much as movement and all-round health? Have a concierge approach, with a commercial outlook and service-driven nature? Excited to be an integral part of a successfully growing, team-driven business?

In managing Heartcore’s PT & Wellness function you’ll have an active influence on the evolution of the brand and long-term growth strategy – contributing to, and delivering on a plan to establish Heartcore as the ‘go-to’ for personalised wellness experiences. Meticulous with your organisation, you have a genuine ability to engage all personalities in a meaningful and individual way. In love with people and their dreams, you illustrate a real passion to inspire and bring a sense of joy to our new and existing guests and teams alike. Your outlook is commercial, with curiosity in your understanding of the wellness landscape – from physical training, nutritional support to emotional, social and spiritual influences on mindful health.

Learn more about the PT & Wellness Role here.

Studio Manager | City, Soho, Mayfair

A multi-tasking lover of wellness, operations and people? Experience-driven with service and detail at your heart? Excited to be an integral part of a successfully growing, team-driven business?

As a Studio Manager for Heartcore, you’ll be leading a team, building a community and growing the business from its grass-roots. Ensuring the smooth daily running of the studio with guest service and business development front and centre. Engaging with the community and acting on guest feedback to ensure our offer aligns with demand, whilst managing staff schedules, daily maintenance and operations.

Learn more about the Studio Manager role here.

Sales & Account Manager | Heartcore @Work

Love creating bespoke experiences, building relationships, teams and immersing yourself in everything the wellness industry has to offer? Passion in 'work', as much as people with a growth mindset and an open and caring heart? Excited to be an integral part of a successfully growing, team-driven business?

This is a chance to join our growing team as we spread our powerful message through communities @work, designing and delivering on fully integrated wellness strategies across our London studios and @work offices.

In delivering business consultancy that’s grounded in human behaviour, we help people, teams and companies work better together. With an ambition to make lasting impact on their teams physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing, we produce tangible and proven difference in companies – shifting engagement, decreasing attrition, increasing productivity and more so helping to shape excellence in @work culture. This role involves developing relationships with existing and new corporate accounts, overseeing sales targets and delivering a first-class service on behalf of our @work guests. You’ll also provide support in seeking new business opportunities and actively assist in handpicking our network of consultants, coaches and talent – fostering healthy relationships with each in order to strengthen, diversify and develop the programme offering.

Learn more about our @work Sales & Account Management Role here.


Love people as much as movement, anatomy, physiology and all-round health? Positive and experience-driven by nature? Excited to be an integral part of a successfully growing team-driven business?

We welcome variety in your background with experience in Pilates, Barre, Strength + Conditioning, Kettlebells, Yoga, Indoor Cycling or other group classes. With at least 2 years’ experience in a professional fitness role, supported with a minimum Level 2/3 REP’s or CIMSPA qualification. Fitness and a love of people is your passion, and you’re already leading energised group classes with confidence, and of course your own personal touch. We take all of our teachers through an in-depth training program, with applications to enroll always welcome.

Let’s talk teach@heartcore.co.uk


Passionate about health, fitness and simply love people? Positive and pro-active in your nature? Excited to be an integral part of a successfully growing, team-driven business?

For you, excellence in a customer facing environment is second nature and you’ve proven experience in a retail or hospitality environment. Creating a sense of community and engagement also comes naturally to you, as does an eye for detail, flexibility and confidence in taking a responsible, solution-oriented approach to deliver the best in service.

Let’s talk host@heartcore.co.uk