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Combining strength and conditioning with the highly beneficial mind body principles of Pilates, we bridge the gap between athletic conditioning and healthy core-centred movement.

The Heartcore CoreFormer™ (based upon the concept of the original Reformer) is luxurious in its adaptation and usability, and lies at the very heart of our innovative approach to Pilates. Designed with a sharp eye to detail and high-end craftsmanship by Heartcore’s Founder, Jess Schuring, the CoreFormer represents the next evolution in health and fitness.

Our signature workout creates complete balance in full body postural strength, alignment, tone and mobility. It’s low impact by nature, and a highly empowering, uplifting and rewarding experience for the novice, the pro and all of us in between!





Develop lasting strength and ease in everyday movement with our empowering and uplifting signature class. Fusing the mind body principles of Pilates through our unique method – centred from the core, the result is a powerful, fun and incredibly transforming workout on the Coreformer.


Our signature Dynamic Pilates class, taught at a pace to help you find your flow. Perfect as a re-introduction to the Coreformer with a focus towards the principles of our unique Dynamic Pilates method. Expect more personalised time and attention for all-round deeper connection. Suitable for all levels.


Celebrating free spirits, open hearts and inner strength. We come together online for 60 or 75 minutes of powerful bodyweight movement on the mat with our Founder, Jess Schuring. Come as you are, all levels welcome. Props optional – blocks and light handweights if you have them.


We’ve taken everything we love from our signature Dynamic Pilates workout on the Coreformer, and moved it to the mat, resulting in a powerful, fun and transformative workout that you can do from anywhere. This online class is accessible for all levels. You will need basic props – ideally two equal hand weights and a mat or towel.


Our online pregnancy classes combine the best of dynamic Pilates, Yoga and Barre. Weaving alignment principles through a sequence of dynamic movements to create energy flow, space within and a feeling of empowerment towards the physical and emotional changes to come. We use breathing techniques for optimal circulation and core function, alongside strengthening, stretching and release work to address postural changes. Keeping you comfortable, strong, moving well and relaxed throughout the trimesters and encouraging a quicker recovery post-birth.


With a focus on calming the nervous system, full use of the breath and deep stretches, this peaceful online class is perfect for everyone looking to release built up tension, improve flexibility and alignment to the mind and body. Our approach is from the inside out, leaving you feeling lifted (it’s a real mood booster), more connected, grounded and truly rejuvenated. It's the perfect addition to your week, and suitable for all.