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Uplifting, empowering and immersive, Heartcore Yoga classes combine mobility, strength and rejuvenation with integral and centering breathwork – providing you with the time and space to truly, be. Improve your strength, balance and mobility with Heartcore’s inclusive and uplifting Power Yoga Flow. Reset and unfold in our Restorative Yin sessions or enjoy the best of both worlds with a grounding Power + Restore practice. Warm, light-filled and energising, Heartcore Yoga charms the Yogi and non-Yogi alike in an open-minded and welcoming environment.

POWER (Level 2-3)

An advanced Vinyasa flow; athletic and independently sequenced to keep you on your toes! A faster-paced, dynamic flow focusing on strength and conditioning. With balancing, inversions and deep core work included, this class is a work-in as much as a work-out! Some experience recommended to enjoy the full benefit of this class.


POWER (Open)

Build your internal fire and focus in these creatively sequenced Vinyasa flow classes. Balancing fluid movement with breath and alignment, these open level classes are designed to keep you upbeat in your own rhythm, building strength, endurance, flexibility and concentration. Powerful, accessible and open to all.


A feel-good celebration of both Power and Restore classes, lively and invigorating to start and rounding out with a nourishing, restoring, total mind and body truce. The dark, the light, the sweet, the sour, the sun and the moon – you’ll find your perfect balance.

FLOW (Open)

A more gentle Vinyasa Flow class that keeps you moving, builds physical agility and improves mental focus by uniting movement with the breath. Our Flow classes stretch your muscles while building strength and stamina, but at a calmer pace than our Power offering. This slower approach allows us to harmonise opening the body with calming the mind to bring a bit of balance back to intense City lifestyles.



Every element of this class is designed with the intention to open and strengthen our hearts. The natural scent of pine, mint and lemon in Palo Santo, a sacred wood, is energy cleansing, uplifting and calming. It sets the stage alongside immersive tunes for a powerful dynamic flow, where we build a strong beat to our hearts with well-deserved moments for reflection and growth. Remixing Pilates, Yoga and Barre this dynamic heart and core-focused workout defines physical and mindful transformation, there's a reason it's called 'Ritual'!


Energising, strengthening and grounding, this dynamic Yoga flow with ankle weights is designed to condition, release and tone with an extra lift for your glutes, core and heart. Powerful, accessible and open to all!



Where release becomes the hero. A slower guided Hatha flow that builds a gentler heat to loosen the body and strengthen the connection of your breath with a sense of ease. Fluid and aligning, we include deep stretching with longer holds for a focus towards release and an overall nurturing experience. Open to all levels and perfect for beginners.

YIN (Open)

A transformative practice that deeply re-balances and heals, creating space and greater range of motion in the joints through gentle pressure and traction of the tissues in relaxing postures. This open level, meditative class will unravel areas of tension that a dynamic yoga practice might not always reach, calm the nervous system and awaken the flow of energy around the body.


Reset mind, body + soul, slow down from the bustle and dive into a magical 75mins of Restorative Yoga with Crystal Singing bowls. With longer held passive stretches, designed to deeply relax you, props and blankets to support and hold the body, we immerse ourselves into the wonderful vibrations of these powerful crystal bowls. Reducing stress levels, sparking creativity and helping with a great night of deep sleep. A truly unique experience. Open to all. Wear something comfortable and relaxing.