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Uplifting, empowering and immersive, Heartcore Yoga classes combine mobility, strength and rejuvenation with integral and centering breathwork – providing you with the time and space to truly, be. Improve your strength, balance and mobility with Heartcore’s inclusive and uplifting Power Yoga Flow. Reset and unfold in our Restorative Yin sessions or enjoy the best of both worlds with a grounding Power + Restore practice. Warm, light-filled and energising, Heartcore Yoga charms the Yogi and non-Yogi alike in an open-minded and welcoming environment.



A grounding physical practice with longer held postures and strong alignment cues. Our online Power classes are designed to keep you upbeat in your own rhythm, building strength, endurance and concentration. Powerful, accessible and open to all.


Movement and breath working together as one. From the Sanskrit “to place in a special way,” this faster paced, creatively sequenced, class allows the body and breath to flow seamlessly between postures. Vinyasa Flow cultivates awareness around the synchronicity of thoughts and actions — integral both on and off the mat.


Open the body, calm the mind. A more gentler creative flow to keep you moving, building physical agility, and improving mental focus by uniting movement with the breath. Our Flow classes stretch your muscles whilst building strength and stamina, at a calmer pace than our Power and Vinyasa Flow classes.


A transformative practice that deeply re-balances and heals, creating space and greater range of motion in the joints through gentle pressure and traction of the tissues in relaxing postures. This open level class will unravel areas of tension that a dynamic yoga practice might not always reach, calm the nervous system and awaken the flow of energy around the body. Our online classes include an optional 15 minute meditation to seal and close the practice.


Our online pregnancy classes combine the best of dynamic Pilates, Yoga and Barre. Weaving alignment principles through a sequence of dynamic movements to create energy flow, space within and a feeling of empowerment towards the physical and emotional changes to come. We use breathing techniques for optimal circulation and core function, alongside strengthening, stretching and release work to address postural changes. Keeping you comfortable, strong, moving well and relaxed throughout the trimesters and encouraging a quicker recovery post-birth.


With a focus on calming the nervous system, full use of the breath and deep stretches, this peaceful online class is perfect for everyone looking to release built up tension, improve flexibility and alignment to the mind and body. Our approach is from the inside out, leaving you feeling lifted (it’s a real mood booster), more connected, grounded and truly rejuvenated. It's the perfect addition to your week, and suitable for all.