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Uplifting, empowering and immersive, our Yoga classes combine mobility, strength and rejuvenation with integral and centering breathwork – providing you with the time and space to truly, be. Our approach builds on the physicality of the traditional practice with an inherent respect towards habit in everyday awareness. Warm, light-filled and energising, Heartcore Yoga charms the Yogi and non-Yogi alike in an open minded and welcoming environment.


POWER (Open)

Build your internal fire and focus in these creatively sequenced Vinyasa flow classes. Balancing fluid movement with breath and alignment, these open level classes are designed to keep you upbeat in your own rhythm, building strength, endurance, flexibility and concentration. Powerful, accessible and open to all.

POWER (Level 2-3)

An advanced Vinyasa flow; athletic and independently sequenced to keep you on your toes! A faster-paced, dynamic flow focusing on strength and conditioning. With balancing, inversions and deep core work included, this class is a work-in as much as a work-out! Some experience recommended to enjoy the full benefit of this class.



Where release becomes the hero. A slower guided Hatha flow that builds a gentler heat to loosen the body and strengthen the connection of your breath with a sense of ease. Fluid and aligning, we include deep stretching with longer holds for a focus towards release and an overall nurturing experience. Open to all levels and perfect for beginners.


XYB (Open)

XYB is a powerful, energetic mat-based workout experience built on the principles of the physical and mindful benefits of Yoga. Infused with toning and conditioning moves, designed to elevate your body past your (believed) limitations, expect to detox mind + body through challenging dynamic sequences and focused breath work. This unique class, with its warm juicy flow and upbeat vibe, has a 10/10 feel good factor that will truly have you glow and smile from the inside out!

YIN (Open)

A transformative practice that deeply re-balances and heals, creating space and greater range of motion in the joints through gentle pressure and traction of the tissues in relaxing postures. This open level, meditative class will unravel areas of tension that a dynamic yoga practice might not always reach, calm the nervous system and awaken the flow of energy around the body.


A balanced and gentle flow, this specialist class will assist your body to develop appropriate strength, flexibility and awareness to your breath. Adapting to the many changes that pregnancy brings, with a focus to your baby whilst also preparing you mentally, physically and emotionally for labour, birth and beyond. Suitable from 12 weeks and/or first scan, until your baby arrives. Classes are a happy mix of women at different stages of pregnancy and with varied experience of yoga.